Malaga is a nice place to go, especially when the temperature is high. The beach stretches over a length of more than 1 km. The sand is grayish, the sea is cool and in the background of the city the mountains adorn. The city offers a variety of museums of art and ceramics, ideal for culture lovers. Above all, the Alcazaba is a highlight. It is a fortress with Roman origin. A romantic place with terraces, gates, doorways and fountains. Those who want to enjoy an even better view of Malaga, rise up to the Castillo de Gibralfaro. The city of Malaga also invites you to shop, especially for summery lightweight fashion. For dining, it attracts one to the tapas bars or cafes. In La Lola are for example the croquetas con espinacio and the patatas bravas recommended. To the east, in the district El Palo, you can find cheap and spacious apartments that are close to the beach promenade. The Beetripper guides in Malaga, which would like to show you their city, can be found here.

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Marbella is definitely worth a stop. The downtown area is a change to those of the larger cities such as Malaga and Seville. Here you will find narrow winding streets with small shops, where you can’t pass by without having a look inside. You will find one white building after another, with lovely details such as flower boxes and lanterns. Even during a short stay you should have a walk on the boardwalk, alone because of the yachts. International restaurants and bars can be found along the beach, even at affordable prices.

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“Oh, monkeys!” The town of Gibraltar is a peninsula, which is in possession of the United Kingdom. Even from afar you can see the giant limestone which characterizes Gibraltar. The car is better parked outside of Gibraltar and you can walk across the border and then take the bus into the city center. At the bus stop, tours are offered, that lead to and through the mountain and includes several stops, as at the Apes’ Den, where the inhabitants of the mountain, the Barbary apes reside, or at a tunnel of the 2nd World War. For this, you should allow time and be early enough in Gibraltar, as some attractions close by 18 o’clock. In addition, you should hide you belongings well before you get to the monkeys, otherwise these are away faster than you can say “Ugha-Ugha”. Payment is in Pound and in Euro.



You will fall in love with Tarifa. Already the trip from Gibraltar to Tarifa is spectacular, the more you get closer to Tarifa, the more clearly you see the continent on the other side of the strait, Africa. On the way there is an observation deck, where you can insert a stop to enjoy the view and to snap a few pictures.

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Tarifa is a small town at the southern point of Spain. The beach: bright fine sand and clear blue water. The most beautiful beach of the route up to this point and not a little overcrowded. On a weekday, you can walk 15 minutes without encountering a single soul at the beach. Near the beach horses can be hired, so riders are often seen on the beach. Furthermore Tarifa is a meeting place for surfers because of the wind force. Thanks to the beach and weather conditions there are many bars and restaurants with surfer flair and a great kitchen. Fantastic!



Cádiz stands on a headland, located in front of the bay. The city divides into a modern new town with skyscrapers and a preserved old town while both parts are separated by the old city walls. Beside of the beautiful old town Cádiz also offers a long of beach section. Especially the beach area “La Victoria” drags people. Highly recommended is the Restaurant La Taperia de Columela at Plaza de las Flores in the old town. The tapas are great, the prices are fair and the atmosphere is modern!



The different places reveal once again that coasts are not only coasts and Andalusia is not only Andalusia. Each city has a certain charm and beauty that wants to be discovered!


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