If you still have the thought that only Asian people would eat rice, then this article is going to change your mind!

Paella is one of the most famous dishes originated from Valencia, Spain. Different people make Paella in distinct ways. It is a rice dish made with a very big pan. Paella originally refers to the pan used to make the paella rice but now it simply means the dish itself! There are a few common types of paella, such as Valencian paella and Seafood paella. 210-260 pdfYou can have it in most of the bars and restaurants in Spain. It is one of the favorite dishes among the local people.

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6956576532_6427ccea5f_oSome Chinese people may confuse paella with Chinese fried rice because of the wrong translation of paella in Chinese – “Spanish seafood fried rice”. However, the making of paella is in fact very different from Chinese fried rice.

In China, people make fried rice with cooked rice from the cooker, and fry them together with whatever ingredients they have in hand including certain seasonings. One thing to note is that people usually make use of the cooked rice that has been stored in the fridge for one night. They believe that it would make the fried rice straighter and it’s better for chewing.


In Spain, however, they usually use a very big pan to cook the seasoning ingredients first, followed by adding raw short or long-grain white rice, then pour some water or chicken stock in and simmer the rice. At last, before the rice absorbs all the water, they stir in the seafood or peas or meat until everything is cooked.

Here is the recipe I could find online for the basic type of paella – Seafood paella for your reference: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-paella/

Although Spanish paella is famous for the pan used to make the rice, it is not really necessary to cook paella with that kind of big pan. It all depends on how much rice you are planning to cook. If you are only cooking for 1 to 4 persons, any flat pan or skillet will do. Most of the restaurants cook with a big paella pan because they have to serve many rations but normally a small pan is good for homemade paella.

It wouldn’t take you too much time to make paella. Probably it may only take 10 minutes for preparation and 20 minutes to cook. It is super easy for everyone to make paella at home. For homemade paella, you can always choose your only ingredients. Whether you want to make with seafood or meat, with or without peas, it’s all up to you. I have tried it at home. I put everything I had into the pan, including sausages, hams, tomatoes, red pepper and seafood. It tastes really nice actually with tomatoes. Tomatoes give a sour taste to the rice, which can stimulate your appetite. Funny is that, because of the tomato-taste, 642-732 pdfthis tastes quite similar to what we call it “Sai1 Caau2 Fan3” in Hong Kong, which is a kind of fried rice. You can always make your own paella!


*Tips: If you are not too sure about the seasonings or you don’t want to prepare the seasonings on your own, you can buy the seasoning powder for paella in the supermarkets here in Spain. Also, there is some mixed frozen seafood as an alternative if you think buying all kinds of seafood one by one is too much trouble! Good luck on making your own paella! Hope you enjoy it!

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