There are plenty of reasons to visit Spain and especially because of the amazing dishes. When you walk through the streets with the charming restaurants you can already smell the different spices. We won’t show you all of them as there are too many but here are some of our recommendations, YUMMY!


Churros with chocolate

You can eat churros for breakfast or as a snack in the evening. With coffee and chocolate or sugar, it’s delicious!




A cold soup among others made of tomato, olive oil and bread. Perfect on hot days!




Filled with mushrooms, bacon, Gorgonzola, bulls tail or chicken, everybody loves them.


Pulpo a la Gallega

If you’re a fish fan you have to try this specialty from Gallega. The octopus is boiled and spicy flavored.



Solomillo al Whisky

Heaven! The best of this dish is the sauce, which is made of garlic and whisky.


Jamón Ibérico

Probably one of the most typical dishes in Spain. Simple and good with a glass of wine and bread. The difference between a high quality Jamón Ibérico and a cheap one can be very high, so once you should spend a little bit more money to enjoy the unique taste…


Tortilla de patata

The Spanish Tortilla is basically made of potato and egg and as the case may be additionally with onion, chorizo…



Arroz negro

First it may be strange to eat something black, but you should try this black rice, served with aioli! Really!



And finally the Paella! If with meat, fish or whatever the white sea offers it is always a highlight.


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