I think you know this situation: you are on holidays in a place you have never been before. You are excited and curious about this place, ready to discover the monuments, museums, squares, etc. So you follow your guidebook… and all you can see are swarms of tourists. Let us help you to avoid this and follow the instructions below.

  • Don’t be a gregarious animal: All the touristic destinations possess at least one touristic highlight, which is obligatory to visit. So you do so, but is it really in your interest or only what your guidebook states? Do you know the experiment with the one person looking into the sky and pointing to something, but actually there is nothing to see? What do you think: how many people will look into the sky? Sometimes it is better to find your own way and your approach to unknown places.


  • Don’t pay a lot for bad food: A lot of bars and restaurants triumph from their location close to tourism hot spots. How to recognize? Their prices! Sometimes the food is worth it but sometimes you are simply tiered of running around and finally choose a close random place with bad food. This is actually sad, because the good restaurants with delicious plain fare are often located in more hidden streets and not that close to monuments.
  • Don’t look for the most crowded beach: You want to relax at a beautiful beach, listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the silence? Then why go to the most crowded beach you can find? Look for example at the Andalusian coast, whether Bolonia or Tarifa: here you can find peace, clear water and warm temperatures without being annoyed by noisy neighbors or balls rolling over you.


  • Don’t be afraid of locals: Locals don’t bite, well, usually they don’t! If you’re friendly and a little bit open-minded it can be very interesting and funny to get in contact with them. When you are a stranger in a place, they may tell you the way to places you are looking for or even to theses which are amazing but you have never heard of before! Give it a try!
  • Don’t pay a lot for entrances: What a lot of tourists differs from locals is the ignorance of special days with free entrances for museums, parks, art exhibitions, etc. You want to visit the Louvre in Paris or the Alcázar in Seville, ask the locals for the days with free entrance!


  • Don’t believe in clichés: When you visit another country with a different culture, your brain has already constructed an image of the environment and the people. Try to scrap it, be open for new cultures and build a new and especially real image.

In the end everybody travels different and there is no ultimate solution for a perfect trip, but if you want to experience something different, more authentic, we suggest you to have a look at our Homepage in order to explore our local Beetrippers!


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