The fifth season just ended and we, game of thrones’ fans, have to wait… 9 months!! to see with what our favorite characters have to struggle with; from Beyond the Wall to Dorne, from Casterly Rock to the Narrow Sea.

But there is still hope, 210-060 pdfbefore winter comes we can relive in Dorne the adventures of Jaime Lannister and his squire Bronn with the Sand Snakes or the love between Myrcella and Trystane.


Since Dorne is Andalusia for the producers of the series and its capital, Sunspear, is Seville, we could go for a walk where the young princes show their love to each other in the Murillo Gardens and sit on the throne of Doran Martell in the Alcázar of Seville.

Even in less than an hour we will cross the Narrow Sea and we will attend on time to the free gladiator’s fight in the coliseum of Meereen, we will dream of riding Drogon or fight against the Sons of the Harpy helped by the Unsullied, Sir Jorah or Daario Naharis. All this in the Osuna’s bullring.


In those confusing times, it is tough for a tourist not to be dismayed like Jon Snow in front of the White Walkers, not to be as frustrated as Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen, with such bad luck as Sansa looking for a husband or as manipulated as Stannis by Melisandre.

In order to avoid this, there is nothing better than discovering the true face of Dorne in Seville and to do it with the people who know best their city.

Feel like a true Dornishman with the help of Beetripper.


You will see the charms of the capital, taste its delicious dishes to recover your strength and discover the places that are only known by the inhabitants of the city. With them you could buy some typical products in those authentic craft shops and have some drinks at these lively terraces.

And who knows… under the Dornish heat you might meet someone worth starting a war for!!

So remember, this summer if you go near Seville discover the city with Beetripper, with its people, those who truly know it.

Here’s a tip for you: during the summer, 70-243 examthe entrance to the Alcázar of Doran Martell is free on Monday from 6 to 7 PM!


Valar Morghulis!!