Madrid is a place full of happiness and adventures. There are both historic and modern architecture styles. You can take a tour to its greatest museums or churches, and spend the evening shopping along the famous shopping streets. Bars are everywhere and the people are friendly. Madrid is a perfect place for you if you enjoy night-life.

If you would love to shop here, Ana can bring you to the two famous shopping streets in the Centre of Madrid. Gran Via is a street best known for clothing, accessories, footwear, etc while there are more designer brands in Fuencarral. You can also have a drink or coffee afterwards.

Renting bikes is the best transport to explore arround the city. With cycling, Patricia can take you to all the castellana streets from North to South, Plaza de Toros or Casa Campo.

For night-life in Madrid, Leticia would be a great guide taking you to Malasaña, a place full of old-fashioned bars of the 80s. You will be able to take a trip to the newly built bar museum,jn0-643 dumps where you can see the footprints of the Madrilenian Scene (a countercultural movement that took place in Madrid in the 80s) and famous bands at that time.


You can find your best way to relax in the city. Maria would lead you to the best bars in Madrid where you can read books and listen to good music while having a zip of coffee or wine.

For those who love literature and art, el Barrio de las Letras is a good choice for you. It is a path of Spanish literature. Here your curiosities will be satisfied. A friendly reminder from Annais: remember to bring a pen and a piece of paper because it is difficult not to be inspired by the concentrated atmosphere of art here.

Besides the western front of the Royal palace of Madrid there are these gardens of romantic style designed in the 19th century by the architects Narciso Pascual and Colomer. Do you want to know to who named it? To know the place where the Queen lived? Join Carlos for a tour to one of the most well-known gardens in the city, and you will see.

Ana wants to firstly introduce two emblematic and famous places in Madrid to you, the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Then she will take you to the Real Academia de San Fernando where you will enjoy several masterpiececes of Goya, one of the most important geniuses of our country, as well as other painters like Zurbaran, Ribera, Mengs, Sorolla.

National Archeological Museum would be a relaxing and enjoyable route in which we will see the most important archaeological pieces from their collection. Maria will guide you to pay a visit to the lady of Elche, to see the visigothic treasures of the Lady of Baza and also some other collections.

Cristian prepares for you an approximately three-hour route. 642-737 dumpsIt begins at ten in the evening at the Plaza de Oriente and ends at about one in the morning at La Puerta del Sol. The tour focuses on the secrets, curiosities, hidden legends and anecdotes in the city. Do you dare to discover the secrets of Madrid?

Enjoy the night in Madrid and get the most of it. Antonio will take you to a tour from the most popular gay bars to the most exclusive ones. Unleash your imagination and he will take care of the rest. Just choose your music, shows, kind of people and even your most hidden pleasures and he’ll design the best tour for you. Don’t miss it!